Wedding DJ Services

Stephen Denton a.k.a. Dj Estif


Dj Estif prefers to customize to fit you and your friend’s musical tastes. The style of music he plays is whatever will make your post-wedding party or event a success for you. He requests that the clients provide him with information on what songs & genres they love and what not to play as convenient. He sees himself as a service provider; therefore, if you’d like a dance party he’ll keep it lively with you and your friends’ favorites. If you’d like a chill-out lounge feel he has plenty of that music too. In fact his personal music library is over 50,000 songs.

Generally for audio equipment, he uses a subwoofer and two monitor speakers. If the venue is small, he reduces to just the monitors. Over these, he mixes music digitally through a Serato integrated system. All, systems are provided by Cabo Luna Event Rentals & Décor.

DJ EQUIPMENT RENTAL is also offered.

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