GROOVE ARMADA (Andy Cato & Tom Findlay)


I had already been listening to a ton of electronic music in the nineties. Most of the best stuff was coming out of Germany, Britain & Italy. However, the song/video that really blew my mind came in the early 2000’s…in fact it was August of 2001. “Superstylin” was the first single ever released by GA. The Video showed a couple grungy urban aliens running around with a giant speaker.
When they finally reach their destination the whole song pulls together and basically made me want to jump up & down…dance, dance, dance.

Another huge hit was “I see you baby” which bounced around the world hitting top charts.

These hits actually had come from their second album Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub a huge step away from their 1st Album, which was way more chill. I suppose GA could be characterized as multi-genre.

The duo hasn’t produced too many albums, which in some ways makes them more elusive. They released a series of compilations under the Late Night series and collaborated with other artists like Neneh Cherry, Will Young, Richie Havens & Nappy Roots.

Their last album, Black Light, came out in 2010 and was considered to be a bit darker. The two best songs on the album were: “Paper Romance” and “History” which depicts a quirky/comical dance off between a not so good street dancing girl and a not so good ballet dancer.

gaalbumIn 2014, Grammy nominated GA released another Late Night Series called Automatic Soul. This soul/pop album pulls together a variety of sounds that
May bring you back to the early 80”s.

With this said, I highly recommend listening to Groove Armada and I only hope they continue to produce, collaborate and entertain with their diversity of style, rhythms & beats.

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