The Future is Now

Being into music, dj’ing, technology, design etc etc pushes me to look around for the latest trends in all the mentioned above. A couple of the coolest things I’ve seen lately are The Emulator & the interactive Reactable. The Emulator in simple words is a transparent touchscreen-mixing desk. This transparent, 46-inch multi-touch system from software […]



per·cus·sion pərˈkəSHən/ noun noun: percussion 1. 
musical instruments played by striking with the hand or with a handheld or pedal-operated stick or beater, or by shaking, including drums, cymbals, xylophones, gongs, bells, and rattles. “percussion instruments”

the striking of one solid object with or against another with some degree of force.”the clattering percussion of […]


GROOVE ARMADA (Andy Cato & Tom Findlay)

I had already been listening to a ton of electronic music in the nineties. Most of the best stuff was coming out of Germany, Britain & Italy. However, the song/video that really blew my mind came in the early 2000’s…in fact it was August of 2001. “Superstylin” was the first single ever released by GA. […]